Virtual Mountaineering

With the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020, none of us were able to get to the mountains for months and, even now, Government and Boys' Brigade rules will not allow any residentials, so it is unlikely that we will be able to take any young people to the mountains before 1 January 2021, at the earliest. To compensate (rather inadequately) for this, we created a Virtual Mountaineering resource that will allow BB young people and others to enjoy the mountains without having to leave their chairs. Hopefully, everyone will still find this resource useful, now that it is possible to do some real mountaineering again. 

With Virtual Backpacking, you can watch some video footage of backpacking expeditions on mountains featured in Virtual Peak Bagging.

With Virtual Challenges, you can attempt and hopefully complete a number of challenges on this website.

With Virtual Devotions, you can view some online church services and other meetings similar to ones that you might have attended on a BBMC meet.

With Virtual Hill Walking, you can take a virtual hill walk with Street View on Google Maps to the summits of a number of peaks that are featured in Virtual Peak Bagging and enjoy 360° panoramas at every stage of your virtual hill walk. You can also watch some video footage of hill walks on these mountains.

With Virtual Peak Bagging, you will be able to visit all the 3,000 ft peaks in England and Wales and all the 4,000 ft peaks in Scotland, to view the mountains from above, admire 360° panoramas from their summits, learn some interesting facts about them and the meaning of their names.

With Virtual Quizzing, you can participate in virtual quizzes, with all questions relating to these Virtual Mountaineering pages.

With Virtual Rock Climbing, you can do a virtual climb up the 3000 ft vertical face of El Capitan in Yosemite with Street View (but don't look down!) and watch some video footage of rock climbs on mountains featured in Virtual Peak Bagging.

With Virtual Scrambling, you can watch some video footage of scrambles on mountains featured in Virtual Peak Bagging.

With Virtual Study, you can watch some video footage and learn about the botany, geology and zoology you may see in the mountains.

With Virtual Training, you can view some training videos and tutorials for backpacking/expeditions, hill walking, rock climbing and scrambling.

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