Virtual Training

Outdoor skills are best learnt by attending a real training course, but some skills can be acquired or developed using on-line videos. We have collected some of these and embedded them on these pages.  There are many other training videos on YouTube (some of which are at a more introductory level (that we do not see as being in the BBMC remit). If you are looking for some basic navigation training, for Bronze or Silver DofE, we would recommend the Glenmore Lodge: Navigation - Introductory Skills training videos. If you are looking for training resources that cover most of the DofE Expedtion Training Framework, we would recommend E3 Adventures' DofE Lessons

You can also view some virtual training here in:

Backpacking / Expeditions

Hill Walking / Navigation

Rock Climbing


The embedded videos have the usual controls and we would recommend that you watch them in full screen mode.

They are often part of a series and the next one in the series should play automatically. If this doesn't happen, you can find the next one on YouTube.

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