Virtual Study

View some mountain science videos and learn some interesting mountain-related facts about the following sciences:

With Virtual Archaeology, you will be able to learn about some of the archaeological features such as cairns, burial mounds, Roman roads, ancient fields and commoners' fells that you might come across on the mountains, with tips on what to look for on a map, as well as when you're out in the wilds .

With Virtual Botany you will be able to view some videos about alpine flowers in Snowdonia and the Caledonian Forest that once covered most of the Scottish Highlands, but can now best be seen in the Cairngorms

With Virtual Geology you can learn about why the mountains of Scotland are so much higher than those of England and Wales and how this is related to contntinental drift. You can also view a video animation of how Scotland and England came together

With Virtual History you can learn more about the family of Llewelyn the Great and which members of this family might have given their names to four of the Carneddau mountains in Snowdonia.

With Virtual Linguistics you can learn more about the languages that can be used in the names of mountains in the Bristish Isles.

With Virtual Zoology you can view some videos of feral mountain goats in Snowdonia and wildlife in the Cairngorms

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