Virtual Hill Walking

If you open Google Maps for any location and pick up the pegman in the bottom right-hand corner, the routes (usually streets), filmed by Street View, will be shown as blue lines.

It will also show any points at which 360° panoramas (or Photo Spheres, as Google calls them), have been uploaded by Google Local Guides as blue circles. We have used these to find the 360° summit panoramas which we have presented for each mountain in our Virtual Peak Bagging.

You can drop the pegman on any point on these routes to enter Street View, or on any of the circles to view a Photo Sphere panorama.

Google has also filmed some walking routes on mountains. So far, we have found walking routes on the highest peaks in the three countries in Great Britain plus a few other peaks. Please click on one of the links below. Unless you are very familiar with Street View controls, we reccommend that you read the instructions first.

Virtual Hill Walks - Instructions

Virtual Hill Walks - England

Virtual Hill Walks - Scotland

Virtual Hill Walks - Wales


To take the walk in the reverse direction select the end point as your starting point.

Street View will open at the starting point with an inset Map View in the bottom left hand corner.

We hope you will enjoy the views on your virtual hill walk (do stop occasionally and rotate the view) and that you will persevere with it and reach the summit!

You can even do a virtual Three Peak Challenge ;and visit all three high points of the countries in Great Britain (with very little ecological damage) and complete it in less than 3 hours rather than taking 3 days!

If you want to view our sample of hill walking videos relating some of the peaks in Virtual Peak Bagging, click on one of the links below:

Hill Walking Videos - England

Hill Walking Videos - Scotland

Hill Walking Videos - Wales

We appreciate that one of the Welsh 3000s videos contains very occasional bad language, but the rest of the material (visiting each of the 3000 ft peaks in Wales) was just what we wanted and so we have included it. We believe that any young people watching will have heard much worse language on TV, social media, their music or from their friends at school.

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