Virtual Quizzing

Many mountaineering clubs organise quizes (but not sure if the BBMC ever has), either pub quizes on social meets or else hut quizes when staying at a remore hut or at an AGM weekend or New Year party. They often consist of trying to identify mountains from photographs or testing members' knowledge of the mountains and mountaineering.

We will endeavour to set some virtual quizes. There are quizzes on the English and Welsh 3000sm in Furths and the Scottish 4000sm in Munros. Do visit all and read all the information on the web pages for each peak in the Welsh 3000s (South and North) and in the English 3000s and then try to answer the quesstions. The answers to all of the questions can be found on these web pages.

Read the Virtual Peak Bagging pages for each mountain and select one of the quizes below:

Quiz - English 3000s

Quiz - Welsh 3000s

Quiz - Scottish 4000s

You shouldn't need written answers, as they are all obtainable from the web pages. but if you do need them, please request them via our Contact Us web page


BMC: Mega Mountain Bank Holiday Pub Quiz hosted by Mary-Ann Ochota


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