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The following FAQs are a guideline only designed to highlight what we are responsible for during BBMC events and what Officers/Leaders need to put in place when bringing young people from within their companies on our activities.

Are Young People and their leaders participating in Club activities covered by the BB's insurance scheme?

Yes. The BBMC is governed by the requirements of Brigade Headquarters and those taking part in our programme of activities are covered under Brigade Insurance whilst doing so.

What is the BBMC responsible for?

The BBMC is only responsible for providing and running the activity or training programmes at events. These are led by the Leaders – who are all qualified and in some cases assisted by an Assistant Leader who is presently registered for and working towards gaining the required qualification.

The Leader(s) from BBMC lead/instruct/supervise the activities only. At no time during any event are we solely responsible for young people. They remain the responsibility of their accompanying Officers/Leaders throughout the event.

For events longer than one day involving an overnight stay, this may be at a campsite or bunkhouse/residential accommodation. Generally when campsites are used the event organiser will endeavour to use a campsite which accepts groups of young people. For residential events (including courses) the Club generally organises the accommodation and catering for the event, in addition to the activities. Those attending pay a per-person price which is inclusive of accommodation, catering and activities. The BBMC pays the cost of hiring the accommodation and for any catering costs. Ultimately, young people who attend any of our events or activities remain the responsibility of their accompanying Officers/Leaders throughout the event.

What are Company Officers & Leaders responsible for?

You should first inform us you plan to attend an event and the number of people you plan to bring. We can then see which of our Leaders are able to attend and look at what activities we are then able to offer during the event.

For ‘one day’ meets, which are normally day walks, you should advise the Meet Organiser your group's fitness and limitations so the Organiser can take this into account when planning activities. You should then follow the ‘Special Event/Activity’ regulation by putting together your own risk assessment for the trip (we can provide copies of our Risk Assessments for the activities being run during the meet), obtain the consent of parents/guardians the same as with any other activity or trip and ensure that all the young people are properly equipped.

If the meet involves an overnight stay then the accompanying Officer/Leader must follow the existing ‘Holiday and Campcraft’ regulations and hold the relevant Brigade Holiday Leadership and Campcraft certificate(s). In addition to carrying out your own risk assessment and obtaining parent/guardian consent you will also need to inform BBHQ of the trip and ensure your group has sufficient clothing, equipment and provisions (the Club can advise on this).

What happens if there is an accident at an event?

The Officer/Leader and the BBMC Meet Leader should follow the Brigade Policy on accident reporting, which is to complete the Brigade's Accident Notification Form as fully and detailed as possible and forward this to Jonathan Eales, the Brigade's Business Director, at BB Headquarters (Felden Lodge).


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