About Meets

So what happens at a meet?

This depends on the location of the meet, and the available leadership for that meet. See our ‘Activities’ section of the website for what we currently offer and in terms of training courses our ‘Training’ section. But, don’t forget we also meet for fun and fellowship.

Aren't your activities a bit scary?

No, even if you are a total novice you can take part in our activities as there will be someone who is prepared to “show you the ropes”, and if that includes climbing it really will be a rope! Obviously some meets are likely to be more adventurous than others so it would be good to contact us before hand if you have doubts about your own ability, drop us a line at bbmountaineeringclub@gmail.com.

Can young people attend meets or training courses on their own?

No. Young people (under 18) can only participate in BBMC activities if accompanied by a registered BB leader who will take "in loco parentis" responsibility for them. If girls are attending, they must be accompanied by an adult female leader.

I am a BB leader and would like to take a group of young people on a BBMC event. What do I need to know?

We have produced a document entitled "Guidance For Leaders Bringing Young People to BB Mountaineering Club Meets, Training Courses & Activities" which can be downloaded.

I am a BB leader, can I bring a guest to a meet who is not a BB Member?

This depends, Members are allowed on certain meets to bring ‘Guests’ but they must take full responsibility for their guest's welfare during the meet and the guest (unless in the BB) will not be covered by Brigade Insurance in the event of any accident. Should any Young People be attending that meet, then ‘guests’ are not permitted unless of course they are registered BB Leaders with a current Disclosure and Barring Service Enhanced Disclosure Certificate. Many of us have Partners and family who are not members of the Brigade and they have often come with us on meets. Oh, and dogs are welcome provided you look after them properly!

Do you provide equipment?

For meets where climbing will be the main activity the Club does have ropes, helmets, harnessess and various other gear we can lend. But, please let the organiser of that meet know what you might need. You are expected to provide your own clothing (including a hat, gloves, good waterproofs, boots, a rucksack and a water bottle. Camping gear will be required for events involving camping. Please please complete the Contact Form specifying which meet you plan to attend, we can then see what activities are likely to be available and we can also provide a list of the basic equipment and provisions you will need.

It may be possible to share a tent with someone else or if you need a stove for a camp. Someone may have a spare you can use for the weekend – generally we don’t provide camping equipment but it is always possible something could be worked out for you.

But, will I miss Church on the Sunday?

Most ‘One Day’ meets usually take place on a Saturday, so the answer is no for these meets, but probably yes for weekend or longer meets. But we usually have some form of short prayer and devotion time, or you can always attend a local church service at one of the locations we visit – sometimes featuring lovely rural churches with very welcoming congregations. During our AGM Weekend, we always attend the Sunday morning service at Keswick Methodist Church and are always warmly received.

Even when we do not attend church on our meets, walking or climbing in the beautiful mountains that God has created, alongside fellow Christians, can also be an uplifting spiritual experience?


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