About the Club

What is the BBMC?

The BBMC is the Boys’ Brigade Mountaineering Club. For further information please look at the ‘History’ and ‘About Us’ sections of our website.

How is the Club governed?

The Club is managed by its Leaders, who meet formally once a year in December at an Annual General Meeting to receive and accept reports and accounts, to elect Club Officers, to review the Leaders' List and to plan a rolling two year programme. The Club is responsible to and reports to Boys' Brigade Headquarters

Is the Club only for young people?

No, the original complier of these answers has a Bus Pass and quite a few other members have one in their wallet! All you need is an attitude to go and enjoy life in the countryside and perhaps face a few challenges. For more information see the other sections of our website ‘About Us’ ‘Membership’ and ‘Activities’


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