About Membership

Who can join the Club?

Any person who is at present a registered leader in the Boys’ Brigade or who is in sympathy with the work of the Boys’ Brigade and willing to be registered with Brigade Headquarters as a leader, subject to undergoing a Disclosure and Barring Service Enhanced Disclosure check. For more information on joining, please look at the ‘Membership’ section of our website.

Do I have to be over 18 to join?

Yes, but you can attend events if accompanied by a BB Officer or Leader who will be responsible for you throughout the meet's duration. For more information please refer to our ‘Membership’ section and also the or contact us at bbmountaineeringclub@gmail.com.

My BB Company can join, what does this allow its members to do?

If your BB Company joins then any member or Officer/Leader in the Company can come to any of our meets and participate in our activities, provided that Brigade regulations are met. See "Guidance For Leaders Bringing Young People to BB Mountaineering Club Meets, Training Courses & Activities". All young people under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult leader from that Company who is responsible for them at all times. The Company may also send a representative member to the Club General (Business) Meetings and vote in any motion. (One vote per Company).

How much does it cost to join?

We try and keep the membership fee for being a member of the Club as low as possible, currently £10 per annum for individuals. The cost of going to a meet is only the cost of accommodation used. If camping you usually provide your own food, so it’s caviar or baked beans dependant on what you want to spend. Sometimes if we use residential accommodation such as a Camping Barn or BB Centre then meals can be provided communally and you will be asked to contribute to the cost. The only other cost is your own cost of travel and anything you spend whilst away for the weekend! For more information on types of membership and fees see the ‘Membership’ section of our website.


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