Rock Climbing & Abseiling

Stanage Edge, Peak District

For many young and some not so young people, there is no better feeling than to reach the top of a climb or going from sheer terror to enjoyment by doing their first abseil! The Club has several qualified Leaders who are able to take groups indoor climbing, single pitch rock climbing and abseiling during our meets at both indoor and outdoor climbing walls and on boulders or on outdoor crags doing single pitch climbs.

For those who enjoy climbing with others on an equal basis there are also members of the club who do rock climbing who opt to go on a climb during our meets while others go walking. The Club has its own climbing harnesses, helmets, ropes and equipment which we can use during our meets.

Anyone interested in climbing who hasn’t done it before, should make enquiries to the Club to ensure one or more of the qualified leaders who can lead these activities are available at the meet you plan to attend

Stanage Edge, Peak District


Click on the links below to view our Risk Assessments for abseiling and climbing

Abseiling Risk Assessment
Climbing Risk Assessment

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