Adventure Treks

BBMC Adventure Treks on Saturday 25th September


The BBMC is offering a choice of walks in either the Brecon Beacons or the Peak District, but both with the same objective: to have an adventurous and fun day in the mountains while seeking a memorable plane wreck. It is essential that you pre-register for the walks in advance with our Chairman at Please provide details of the name of your company or battalion, the number of registered BB leaders and the number of BB and non-BB young people you are expecting to attend. Details of the start point and time will be sent to everyone who pre-registers.

A large number of planes crashed in the mountains during the Second World War and it has been too expensive to remove the wrecks, so they just rust away in very remote locations and make eerie places to visit, as well as providing challenging navigation tasks to locate them.


A Second World War Bomber and Fighter


Click on one of the links below for more details of the walk you are interested in:

Brecon Beacons

Peak District

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